T H O U G H T S : C O W ‘ S M I L K

The one food I really don’t understand is Milk.

Like, you wouldn’t keep your mom in a perpetual state of lactation to drink her milk? What about your spouse? Would you drink her milk? Would you keep her lactating to feed your son/daughter into their 40s? Why are cow titties so appealing? – Like picture this. And I may get a little dark here… One day, you’re sent to this strange place where someone you don’t know comes up and forcibly probes (rapes) you. You’ve now been artificially inseminated, by force. You have to keep the baby. You spend 9 months pregnant until the day finally comes. You just gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the world. Even under the cruel circumstances of the birth, your natural instinct takes over and you love this little creature more than anything. You’re happy. Then, within minutes, the nurse takes your new baby. It’s gone. You cry out but the baby never comes back. You never know what happened to your baby. *Spoiler: Your baby will be murdered within a 5 months. It will be sold as “baby meat”.* While you’re still crying, a nurse then hooks up your breasts to a machine. Sucking you dry and all you can do is just sit there. Childless. In pain. Developing infections. Puss coming from your nipples. That’s your life.  For 4 years (average life of a cow is 20 years). Until you can give no more milk. You’ve run dry. You’re killed. For your meat. Just like your babies and all those before you. Because “it’s what we’ve always done.” _ It’s in us to evolve. To grow. To change our ideas to better humanity. Why do we still do this to animals? Why is the murder of 4 humans considered a massacre, but the exploitation and slaughter of over 250 million cows each year considered normal to us? Like, put yourself into their position, how are more people not pissed the fuck off? It’s seriously madness. There are so many delicious dairy free milk options out there. Almond, Cashew, Oat, Coconut, Soy, Rice, Hemp, Flax. It’s time to give up on Cows Milk, you guys. If you make just one swap, start with your milk.


Here are some of my favourite Reddit Comments on the subject:

“Cheese is awful. It’s pulled from a cow’s crotch, boiled, curdled, infested with mold and treated with rennet, and has little unique nutritional value other than some good fats (and even this is debatable). The cows lead miserable lives, are kept pregnant as much as possible, with their young torn from them over and over again to be tightly caged and sold for veal. They eat shit, shit shit, and contribute to climate change more than almost any other modern invention. It sucks, but it’s up to you to give it up. Some people choose not to. Is your happiness more important than the cows? ” <br>”I like money, but I don’t steal it from others. Much less rape them, brand them, steal their children, and confine them to a small pad of concrete and then kill them while they are still young because they aren’t giving me money anymore.”<br> I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to sustainability. Maybe you keep cheese and give up pork? I don’t have all the answers, that’s on your to create your own philosophy. Decided what matters to you. If cheese is worth the life of another.

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