My favourite detox that I do twice a year!

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Alright. I’m going to let you guys in on one of my secret weapons to getting ready for summer. Introducing, The TEA ME TINY Detox.

I have been doing the TEA ME TINY Detox since 2014. I love that it’s organic. I love that it’s tea. I love that it’s 100% laxative free. I love that it’s filled with so many healing, detoxifying ingredients. But, most importantly, I love that it does what it says it’s going to do and helps me cleanse, trim, tone, and get my butt in shape for summer!

How do I take it?

So, all you do is make some tea! Boil water to 206˚F, add 1/2 teaspoon of tea (you’ll need an infuser since it’s a loose leaf tea), and steep for 10-15 minutes! The longer you steep, the more concentrated it becomes. Drink one cup in the morning and one at night! It’s the simple. If you’re short on time, brew up a big batch and keep it in the fridge (lasts 2-3 days)!

What does it do?

TEA ME TINY is a beautiful loose leaf blend of organic and fair trade herbs from around the globe that help to detoxify and purify your body.

It helps to aid in digestion, purify the blood, increases metabolism, boost energy levels, suppresses appetite, promotes weight loss, and just overall wellness. I can’t speak for everyone, because obviously we’re all different, but when I take this tea – I just feel it working. I have more energy, my appetite decreases drastically, I don’t crave as many sweets, and I pee a lot. Haha. Okay, that may of been a little TMI, but one of the ingredients Dandelion (a personal favorite in my herbal arsenal) is a mild diuretic (makes you pee) to expel nasties and toxins from inside our body. So ya! You can feel it working. I love that.


Since 2014, I’ve used The TEA ME TINY Detox to lose over 60lbs (27kg). Yes. You heard that right. SIXTY POUNDS! Keep in mind though, that this took me 2 years to take off. I’m now at a stable, healthy weight so I only use TEA ME TINY as a cleanse nowadays. Diet and Exercise are also big factors. This isn’t a magic pill, but more so a healing herbal elixir to kick start your weight loss journey!

Back in the day, I say I would lose anywhere between 7lbs-14lbs per month. I’ve heard stories of people losing up to 30lbs during their 28 day detox.

Want an extra burst?

Alright, new favourite thing! Their Detox & Cleanse Greens Powder!! 😍 If you’ve seen any of my instagram stories you know how much I love this stuff. I put this powder in everything – Soups, Smoothies, Pasta Sauces. It blends in completely! It’s made with Green Powders (like Chlorella and Wheatgrass) to help remove heavy metals and toxins while boosting your body full of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

I reached out to TEA ME and they’ve been sweet enough to offer you guys the Ultimate Detox Bundle for $15.00 OFF! No coupon code necessary.

Check it out & if you do decide to start your weight loss journey, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account for amazing plant based recipes!

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